Starting Your Career in Beauty

Starting Your Career in Beauty

Welcome beauty bosses in the making! Are you looking for more information on starting a career in the beauty industry? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let's dive into the beauty industry and why it could be the perfect fit for you... 

The Benefits of Starting a Career in the Beauty Industry

It is not location specific. 

    You can find demand for beauty services across the country – and that demand can be high! With the average yearly spend on beauty products at £482.51 for UK women in 2018. 

    You will be helping others. 

      Do you love that feeling when you put a smile on someone’s face? Beauty treatments help clients feel happy and confident in their appearance. Whether getting treatment for a special occasion, or for daily happiness, we all feel that much better after a little salon trip! 

      Your creativity can grow and flourish in this industry. 

        Each of the big names in beauty bring their own style to the industry. If you have a creative eye, this is a great sector to grow and have fun with it. 

        You can enjoy socialising whilst at work. 

          Being a people-orientated sector, you can get to know people and have a chat during work hours. From regular customers that you develop relationships with, to being involved in/ meeting people getting ready for a special occasion. 

          You can choose your work-life balance. 

            If 9-5 in the salon isn’t for you, don’t worry! This industry is flexible and you’re able to choose what hours work for you and your lifestyle. Whether you choose to work during the day, evenings, or weekends – it's all up to you! 

            Beauty Bosses 

            The beauty industry is teeming with possibility. There are many inspiring success stories out there, so let’s share a few... 

            Paige Williams, the woman behind P.Louise, began as a freelance makeup artist, then opened her own brick and mortar makeup salon. Step by step, she grew as a makeup artist however, her immense business growth came when she delved into product creation. Creating an eyeshadow primer that went down with massive popularity. With a yearly turnover of £6 million in 2019, her business only continued to grow into the big name it is today. 

            Jamie Genevieve 
            Starting out as a make-up artist at Debenhams, Jamie Genevieve grew her social media following by posting what she loved: make-up! Showing off her skills continuously grew her account until she had a large following behind her and able to launch her own line in 2020, VIEVE which is now a popular brand in the beauty industry. 
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